Book Review: The Werewolf of Davenport

Hello all, I’m here with the last slightly spooky read of the season before we get into holiday books!!! I have some outstanding Christmas books for you all this year and I can’t wait to tell you all about them, but first….

The Werewolf of Davenport (2017, Branford Books, Middle grade fantasy)


In this sequel to The Midnight Glass, the reader is once again transported to the mysterious town of Davenport where a host of magical and mythical creatures live and work together. The sun now shines in the town once known for eternal darkness, but for Wyatt Dumont the dark times aren’t over. As the gatekeeper, he faces difficult decisions about who to allow into the city, and even more troublesome are the recent attacks by a vicious werewolf. Now Wyatt is seeing a ghost girl and he can’t help but wonder if everything is connected.

As the city adjusts to the sunlight, it seems evil has a greater presence than ever and the citizens wonder if sunlight might be a greater curse than the darkness.

The Werewolf of Davenport, written by D.T. Vaughn, is an exceptional sequel to The Midnight Glass. I reviewed The Midnight Glass last year, and was impressed by it, and I think this sequel is even more exciting and developed than its predecessor.

The characters are more developed and we see Wyatt’s friendships grow, as well as him as a person. The villains are wonderfully frightening and new creatures are introduced. With lots of twists and turns, middle-grade readers will love this page-turning adventure.

Readers should read the first book before picking this one up, as they might be a bit confused without the backstory.

Overall, an exciting, slightly scary, fantastical adventure that readers 10 and up will want to read late into the night. Highly Recommended! 

4 stars to shine at night in the spooky city of Davenport!

Thank you to Branford Books for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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