Book Review Submissions

If you are interested in submitting your book for a review please consider the following guidelines to see if I’m a good fit for your work.

I will accept published books (indie & traditional) in the following categories/genres.

  • Children’s books
    • All Genres
      • Picture
      • Early Readers
      • Beginning Chapter
  • Middle Grade
    • All Genres
  • Young Adult
    • All Genres

Books will be reviewed in a timely manner, usually within one month of submission. My overall grade of a book will be given in stars on a five-star scale.

  • 5* Loved it, dreamed about it, wanted to be in it, laughed and cried, superbly crafted, would enthusiastically recommend to everyone and his uncle.
  • 4* Great read, made me smile, loved the characters, captivating story, well crafted, would highly recommend.
  • 3* Good read, interesting story and characters, kept my interest but easy to put down, well crafted, would recommend.
  • 2* Didn’t keep my attention, difficult to finish, not my cup of tea, might recommend to people with specific tastes
  • 1* Poor writing, grammatical mistakes, unbelievable story, did not finish, thoroughly unimpressed and would not recommend

I want to keep things positive but also provide honest assessments of work. I will include a brief summary of the book, a star rating, my overall thoughts and my recommendation (who would enjoy it, age range, etc.).

Reviews will be posted on my blog, and on Amazon (if your book is there). Please note, the Amazon review may vary slightly in format from the review posted on my blog.

Submission Guidelines

If your book fits into one of the above categories and was published within the previous 12 months please follow the guidelines below to submit your work for possible review.

*Please note, I now only accept hard copy submissions for review. I will accept e-book format only when I specifically request a title.

  • Email ThreeShowSaturday (at) gmail (dot) com with the following in the subject line:
    • “Book Review”
    • Category (PB, MG, YA, etc)
    • Title of Book

Example subject line: Book Review PB Bug in a Rug

  • In the body of the email include a short query including
    • Summary of book
    • Age range/category
    • Why you want me to review your work
    • A link to your book if available

If you submit a query and I respond favorably by requesting your book, then I will let you know when I have time for your book in my review schedule and if the time frame I provide works for you, then rest assured, I will review your book. I will post the final review on my blog and at Amazon.


Please know that all books selected for review will be read with great care and understanding. I believe in constructive feedback and my reviews will reflect my attention to detail and perspective as a fellow writer.

Example book reviews may be found HERE. Or click the “Book Review” category/tag to browse through all the reviews I have posted.

Thank you and I look forward to reading many wonderful stories!
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