Pretty Pictures and Words

All the pictures in the blog posts have been taken by yours truly. Please do not use them without giving me credit.

I am happy to share. Sharing is fun. Stealing is not.

You may email me requesting permission or simply say any of the following and link back to the original picture/post:

“Awesome picture courtesy of Kizzi at Three Show Saturday”

“I did not take this photo, Kizzi did.”

“Picture used with permission of Kizzi. She’s the best.”

Pretty much anything of that nature would suffice. Easy peasy.

And all these words are mine too. I thought them up and put them on paper…er…the internet. Please don’t steal those either. If you would like to quote me that would be fabulous. And share my blog as often as you wish. It makes fine dinner party fodder.

If anything seems unclear, just remember….I know jiu jitsu.

Sharing is fun. Stealing is not.alligator 3