Book Review: The Sheep Who Hatched An Egg

The Sheep Who Hatched An Egg (2017, Albert Whitman & Company, Picture Book)

the sheep who hatched an egg

From the publisher:

Lola the sheep has the most extraordinary wool. It’s soft and silky and is her pride and joy! But down on the farm, when the sun comes out, the wool comes off! Poor Lola is so upset by her haircut that she runs away to the far side of the farm where she sits all alone, waiting for it to grow back. And when it does, it’s no longer silky, it’s completely wild! But with it comes a wonderful surprise…

Thanks to a tiny chick, this self-obsessed sheep learns an important life lesson; that great friendships are more important than simply having great hair.


The Sheep Who Hatched An Egg, written and illustrated by Gemma Merino, is a playful tale of accepting yourself as you are and being thankful for what makes you different. Lola takes great pride in her wool, and works hard to keep it silky smooth, but when her wool grows back curly and tangled, she doesn’t know what to do. Then she discovers her new messy, wool has one tiny advantage over her previous look, and she embraces her new self. This is a cute tale, and the illustrations are fantastic, but the storyline might perplex adults.

Lola worked hard to keep her hair smooth before her haircut, but then for some reason she can’t work hard again and get the same results after it grows back. Children might not wonder on this, but I found it a bit annoying. For the story to move along, and the lesson to be learned, Lola must have tangled hair, but it seems there could have been a better way to cause her tangled hair. Overall, a fun, Spring story, with lots of great sheep illustrations and cute, entertaining scenes. Recommended for children ages 3 to 6.

3.5 stars

Thank you to Albert Whitman & Company for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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