Book Review: Under Water, Under Earth

Under Water, Under Earth (2016, Big Picture Press, Non-Fiction Picture Book)

under water under earth

Journey deep beneath the sea or to the center of the world in this over-sized picture book. One side delves into the deep, dark waters of our world, while the other side looks at all that goes on just beneath the earth’s surface. From utilities to sink holes, and sharks to worms, this book covers everything on land and sea.

under water under earth inside page

Under Water, Under Earth written and illustrated by Aleksandra Mizielinksa and Daniel Mizielinski, is an incredible non-fiction journey through our world. Also, this book is big! The size and weight is a lot of fun, and makes it a great book for gifting. Children will love the over-sized format and feel like they are getting two books in one when they flip the book over to read each part.

I was not expecting the level of detail that is found within this book. This is definitely one that can be read again and again, and will take quite a while to get through. While I’m sometimes not a fan of illustrated non-fiction books, the style works for me in this one. With the landscape formatting and each page showing a dissection of the natural world, it offers an otherwise impossible glimpse into the world around us.

This book would be most fun for ages 6 and up as it does go into quite a bit of detail about different processes, both mechanical and natural. Younger children may become bored with all the facts, but older children and adults are sure to find this book fascinating and informational. A fun and educational read for all ages!

Thank you to Candlewick Press for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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