The Journey Begins…

As my journey to Uganda begins, I invite you all to journey into the incredible world created by Aaron Becker.

Welcome to the first in my three part series of reviews about The Journey Trilogy! I’ve managed to plan ahead, and scheduled each review to publish to the blog while I’m away. The second post will be a week from today and then the last post will go up in two weeks on August 4th. That’s the plan anyway 🙂 Hopefully I’ll have internet to check in on things, but if not, I trust it will all go smoothly.

Details about the giveaway are below, but I will select a winner when I return from Uganda!

“With supple line, luminous color, and nimble flights of fancy, author-illustrator Aaron Becker launches an ordinary child on an extraordinary journey toward her greatest and most exciting adventure of all…”

Journey was published by Candlewick Press in 2013, and received the Caldecott Honor. Journey is the first completely wordless book, in this magnificent trilogy which continues in Quest (2014) and culminates in Return (2016).

With incredible scenery and breathtaking panoramas, these books truly take the reader on a fantastical and magical journey.

Have you read any books from this trilogy?

What is your favorite wordless picture book?

Comment below for you chance to win copies of Journey and Quest. Comment on any of the trilogy review posts by Saturday August 6th for a chance to win. A winner will be randomly selected from all comments on each of the Journey trilogy review posts!

The winning copies will be mailed directly from Candlewick Press to the randomly selected winner.



When a young girl feels bored and ignored, she finds entertainment in drawing with her red marker. Little does she know her red marker will take her on a fantastical adventure. Her journey is filled with castles, magic, danger, and excitement as she follows the path not knowing where it leads. Then, the daring and courage of a new friend might just lead her to an even bigger adventure.

Journey by Aaron Becker is breathtakingly beautiful. A true picture book, the story unfolds entirely through the artwork, without the aid of any text. The story is made more powerful by this fact, as the reader is fully immersed in the girl’s adventure. Lovingly illustrated, the reader will be amazed at the suspense and excitement felt with the turning of each magnificent page. This is an incredible book for children and adults of all ages, begging to be “read” again and again. A fantastic book to enjoy this summer, and spark the imagination of young minds.

Thank you to Candlewick Press for a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

8 thoughts on “The Journey Begins…

  1. I don’t want to win the giveaway (because I own it already). My daughter who is 5 loved this book. It’s beautiful and a great idea for pre-readers since they can put the story in their own words.

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