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7 days of awesome

7 Days of Awesome

Written by Shawn Byous and Illustrated by Colin Jack

Join a colorful and crazy cast of creatures, as they rhyme their way through the seven days of creation. Hear the creation story in a new way, as you learn of God’s power and wisdom. Seven awesome days, in one awesome book!

Shawn Byous and Colin Jack have created a delightful retelling of creation in “7 Days of Awesome”. The rhyme and verse is clever and creative, and flows wonderfully. The illustrations are bright and fun, and will certainly keep children engaged. If you are looking for texts to introduce your child to the Bible, this is one that will definitely get them excited to hear more Bible stories. A fun read for children of all ages.

rainbow egg

The Rainbow Egg

Written by Linda Hendricks, M.D. and Illustrated by Christine Greer, R.N.

Hope is a chicken who lives in the woods. One day, she discovers she’s laid an egg. A rainbow egg! She carries the egg with her everywhere since she has no nest. The egg is heavy and makes her tired. What will she do with this egg? Can she find a nest for her egg?

At first, “The Rainbow Egg” seems like just a cute story about a chicken and her oddly colored egg, but soon it becomes apparent the story carries a much deeper meaning about adoption. While the message may be too subtle for young children, this story will likely spark questions from older children. I admire, the author’s attempt to tackle a sensitive issue and think this text could be a great resource for parents wishing to discuss adoption with their children. The illustrations are cute but not spectacular. A good read for those needing an analogy when approaching the topic of adoption.

I received complimentary copies of these books from BookLook Bloggers and HarperCollins Christian publishing in exchange for my honest review.
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