Mud Show Monday

Happy (Mud Show) Monday!

I have so many books to review! I hope you enjoy this week’s Mud Show Memos and look for more reviews at different times throughout the week.

Bring on the books!

Armadillo in new york.png

To: Arlo the Armadillo

From: A New Yorker

Subject: Safe Travels Kid!

I just read about your New York City trip as told by Julie Kraulis in “An Armadillo in New York”. Who’d have thought an armadillo would be so well traveled! And come all the way from Brazil to see New York City!

I think the kiddos will like reading about your travels too. You sure saw a lot of stuff! There’s a lot to see in the city, lucky you had your Grandfather’s travel journal to guide you. Wouldn’t want you to get lost trying to find that Lady Liberty.

I sure learned a lot about the Big Apple and even some American History too. What a clever Armadillo you are! My favorite part was thinking about all those elephants marching across Brooklyn Bridge. Gee whiz! That must’ve been quite the sight.

Speaking of sights, Julie Kraulis sure did a fine job capturing you in all your armadillo glory. Lovely illustrations for a lovely armadillo, and she captured the magic of New York City too. I’m sure all those pretty pictures will keep the kiddos entertained!

Speaking of kiddos. I’ll probably read your tale to the littlest ones, but older ones, you know in that 6-8 year old range, they’ll enjoy it on their own. I’m thinking they might want to make their own travel journal after reading your adventure.

Oh yeah, and here’s five stars. You can put them in your passport if you’d like!

outdoor math

To: Math Enthusiasts

From: A Math Enthusiast

Subject: MATH!

Oh boy, there’s nothing I like more than a good math problem! I like to crunch those numbers, swirl ’em around in my head, really visualize them. Guess what? There are lots of math things to do outdoors.

In “Outdoor Math”, Emma AdBage describes all sorts of activities to do outside involving all the elements of nature. Rocks, sticks, leaves, snow, and more can be used to calculate and play with numbers.

I must admit some activities are a bit more fun than others. Most of them involved only things I could pluck off the ground or take from some unsuspecting slug, but a few activities needed items of the store-bought variety. Oh, and I’m a big kid (8 years old) so I could do all the stuff by myself or with my classmates’ help. My little brother needed some help, so he had to ask his teacher to guide some of the activities.

I can also count 1..2..3! 3 out of 5 stars just because some of the activities require adult help, and my mom didn’t like it when I put a snowman inside and timed how long it would take him to melt.

fourteenth goldfish book

To: Ellie

From: The Fifteenth Goldfish

Subject: Symbolism of a Goldfish

Life is short. I’m a goldfish, I should know.

Thought you had a magic goldfish didn’t you? That goldfish could have told you, life is short. Us goldfish, we know these things. That’s about all we know.

I do know a bit more after reading your story, “The Fourteenth Goldfish” by Jennifer L. Holm. Seems like you learned quite a bit too. Your grandpa he’s a smart guy. A bit kooky, but smart. He’s not always right, but then again, who is? Not your mom. Not you. Not me. I’m just a goldfish.

Kids, 10 years old and up, will like reading your book too. It’s good to talk about science stuff and experiments and how the world works. Your life is pretty interesting, with your Grandpa discovering the fountain of youth and all. He’s a teenager, your babysitter, and still your Grandpa. Like I said, kooky.

I really hope your Grandpa and you sort things out with your Mom. I’d like to be your next goldfish, but with all this stress your Grandpa’s teenage hormones have brought to the house, I don’t think your Mom will be shopping for pets anytime soon.

I’m just a goldfish. I don’t know much but I do know your story was great. I’d give you five stars if I had them, but I’m just a goldfish.

My reviews for some of the books mentioned above may also be found at Net Galley. Follow the links below to learn more about these exciting tales (and others) including publishing dates.

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Sheepy and the Riddle of the Occurrence by Henrietta Williams and Illustrated by Richard Berner

Outdoor Math by Emma AdBage

Are you an author or publisher? Have a book you’d like me to review? If my reviewing style appeals to you, head on over to my Book Review Submissions page and send me your query (or book). New book reviews every Sunday and Monday!

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