Halloweensie Contest Entry

Surprise Ingredient 

Tonight the witch is busy. 

She’s brewing something new,

With monster toes, werewolf nose,

Turtles, toads, and tail of shrew. 

Then candy corn and hairy horn,

Make the flames leap higher. 

But purple, pink, and scarlet flames,

Are not what she desires. 

“A scary shadow!” She exclaims,

“That’s what I am missing!”

But scary bat and scary cat,

Only set the brew to hissing. 

But just as all seems lost,

Someone knocks upon the door. 

With dainty feet, a girl, petite,

Casts her shadow on the floor. 

Scary thing – this child so bold,

And with a squeal,

The brew turns gold.  

20 thoughts on “Halloweensie Contest Entry

  1. This reminds me of that “scary” ordinary looking girl on the munsters, the one who’s really beautiful but everyone else feels sorry for because she’s so “homely.” Naturally, this cute little thing will alter the brew. Nice!

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  2. I am glad it was the bold girl’s scary shadow (and not the girl) that made the perfect ingredient. Your language (“monster toes, werewolf nose”) and images are so vivid and entertaining .Really fun story. Best of Luck. 🙂

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