Halloweensie Contest Entry!

Writing Contest Time!

I’m so excited to participate in this year’s Halloweensie Writing Contest hosted by Susanna Hill!

If you’ve not been by her blog, I highly recommend checking it out. It’s a great resource for aspiring writers, and she runs awesome contests throughout the year!

This is my first time participating in the Halloween contest, and I have had so much fun reading some of the entries so far. Check out all the entries or write your own! Either way, you’re sure to have fun.

I had snippets of ideas bouncing around my head, but nothing that came together in 100 words or in any words at all haha. Finally, I had a bit of creativity hit me and this is the result.

It’s good to make my brain work, and I think that is the best part of these contests. I write things I wouldn’t normally think of writing or with restrictions I wouldn’t normally place on myself.

See the full rules at the link above, but here is a quick summary: Write a 100 word (or less) Halloween story suitable for children and including the words GHOST, MOON and SPIDER.

Here is my 100 word entry 🙂

Beneath Halloween Moon

On Halloween Night,

The moon sings a song.

I’ll tell you the words,

And we’ll all sing along.

“Whisper and whistle,

Witch, Ghoul, and Ghost.

Come Spider, come Specter,

More scary than most.

Come Beastlies, come boy,

Come Gremlin, come girl.

Dance for the moon,

Tap, twist and twirl.

Frantic and frightful,

A magical tune.

Dance Halloween beasts!

Beneath Halloween moon.”

On Halloween Night,

The moon sings a song.

All the beasts gather,

All the beasts sing along.

Whisper and whistle,

Boy beast and Girl beast.

We all sing along,

To the magical tune.

Dance Halloween beast!

Beneath Halloween moon.