Peppermint Punch

It’s contest time! Susanna Hill is hosting a short and very sweet Valentine’s Day writing contest on her blog. The contest ends February 12th so there is still time to enter even if you haven’t started writing. My entry to the contest is printed below and I do hope you’ll all consider checking out her blog and writing your own “Valentiny” story. 🙂


My entry for the First Annual Valentiny Writing Contest hosted by Susanna Hill

Peppermint Punch

By Kizzi Roberts

WC: 214

Pink, pink, pink!

“Why is everything pink?” Henry grumbled.

“It’s Valentine’s Day! Everything must be pink!” His Mom replied.

“It’s my birthday party!”

And it’s Valentine’s Day! Your friends will love it!”

“No they won’t.”

They would laugh.

He was a boy. Boys don’t have pink parties!

He could run away! Or sail to Antarctica! Or fly to Mars!

He couldn’t have a pink party!

“Henry, don’t look so miserable!”

“Everything is pink.”

“You’ll have fun, if you try.”

“No. I won’t. Everything is pink.”

Ding Dong! The doorbell rang. Henry groaned.

“Your friends are here. Please try to have fun.”

“Happy Birthday Henry!” “Happy Valentine’s Day!” “Cool party!”

“Everything is pink,” Henry said.

“Yeah! It’s great Henry!”

His friends weren’t laughing! They were excited!

“Time for strawberry cake,” his mom said.

“I love strawberry cake,” Henry said.

“With cotton candy.”

“I love cotton candy!”

“And a special treat. Peppermint Punch!”

“I LOVE Peppermint Punch! We hardly ever drink Peppermint punch.”

“I know Henry, but today is a special day. It’s your birthday.”

“It’s also Valentine’s Day,” Henry said, “Everything is pink and everything is perfect.”

“Great party Henry!” His friends cheered.